We are now accepting call in orders by 3:00 p.m. with next day pick up after 12:00pm. We do not take orders for 5 lb. or 1 lb pkgs. for pick up on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. You can still come in and order over the counter for 5 lb. pkgs. on weekends, we just can't wrap it in 1 lb. pkgs. We do however, take orders for special cuts on Steaks and chops for pick up orders on  Friday, Saturday & Sunday's.

We are no longer able to cut Whole Beef Tenderloins for orders. You must be present to have them cut. 

(Sorry for any inconvenience)

(All 5 lb. pkg. pricing comes in 1 pkg. If you request it packaged differently, it will be at the 1 lb. price)

Our ad prices end on Monday night when the store closes. If you want to place an order for steaks or somehting that is in the ad, you will have to place an order by Sunday for Monday pickup.   You can not place an order on Monday for sale items that are ending that day. You will have to come in to the store and purchase. 


Tuesday, July 16 -Monday, July 22, 2024 

Store hours: everyday 9:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. 


USDA choice New York Strip Steak  $7.99 lb.

USDA choice Boneless Sirloin  Steak $7.99 lb.

Boneless Pork Chops  $3.99 lb.

(Steaks are cut 1 inch thick in the case, if you want it cut thicker or thinner, call and place an order at one of our locations. Mooresville 317-831-3034 ext. 2, Cloverdale 765-795-4177 ext.2 or Gosport 812-879-5600. Order by 3:00 pm for next day pickup after 12:00)


Whole Beef Tenderloin    $13.99 lb. 

10 lb. Box (30 ct.) Breaded Tenderloins $39.99

Cut Free 10:00 am-4:00 pm We can no longer run the cuber on the weekends. Also, we will only be cutting the Beef Tenderloins if you are present. Sorry for the inconvenience.



5 lb. pkg. Fresh Platter Bacon $4.99 lb.

5 lb. pkg. Fresh Boneless Chicken Breast $3.29 lb.

5 lb. pkg. Center Cut Pork Chops  $3.49 lb.

5 lb. pkg. Fresh Chicken Drumsticks 99¢ lb.

5 lb. pkg. Fresh cut Pork Steak   $2.59 lb.

5 lb. pkg. Fresh Chicken Leg Quarters 99¢ lb.



Deli sliced American or Hot Pepper cheese  $5.99 lb.

Deli sliced Baby Swiss Cheese  $6.99 lb.

 Deli freshly made Sandwich Spread $6.49 lb.

Deli Cole Slaw $2.69 lb.

Deli Chicken Salad $7.99 lb.

Deli sliced Eckrich Spicy Pineapple Ham $6.49 lb.

Deli sliced Eckrich Oven Roasted Turkey $6.99 lb.





11-12 oz. Nathan's Beef Franks    $4.99

12 oz. Farmland Sausage Roll  2/$5.00






We have Pork Trimmings available. We will grind for free with a 24 hour pickup notice.



 Store hours are 9:00 a.m.-7:00 pm. 7 days a week.


**we reserve the right to make changes to this ad.